Teaching philosophy

In my teaching, the starting point is always the student's wishes and goals, because usually all musicians (or those who want to become such) have their own orientations and preferences. Whether it's smooth acoustic accompaniment, rhythm guitar or fingerpicking, riffing on an electric guitar, soloing, improvisation or heavy metal riffs, I'll help you get towards your goals and carve out the kind of player you're meant to be. If you've never touched a guitar before and don't know where to start or what you want to learn, I'll show you the most essential basics and help you to get started.

The focus of my teaching is always a genuine interest in your development as a guitar player. I remember too well how, in the early days of my own playing, I struggled in frustration with different playing techniques, while I desperately wanted to improve as quickly as possible. If I had known the right exercises and focus on the right things, assisted by the right teacher, I could have reached the skill level I wanted, faster.

Developing in guitar playing definitely requires repetition and effort from you, but with my help you will reach your goals faster and in a more fun way, because you always focus on the right things in your practicing. You no longer have to waste time and energy in frustration on wrong/ineffective things or exercises, but instead you'll be one step closer to your desired skill level every time. Imagine how much more fun and exciting practicing guitar can be then, because you'll know what things to practice, how to practice and why they are practiced.

Juuso / Kitarakoutsi (b. 1991)

I've been playing the guitar since I was 12 years old, which is about 20 years now. Along the way, I have accumulated solid guitar experience in pop, rock, metal and blues music and the playing styles characteristic of these. I have gained practical playing experience and know-how in band activities, as a solo artist, troubadour and as a studio session guitarist. I have invested close to 10,000 hours in my own playing, yet I am still constantly developing my own playing and teaching.

Below are some samples

Jusephi - Walking In The Air (Acoustic Cover)

Jusephi - Purje (2023, kitarat ja laulu)

Jusephi - Elokuvaa (2020, kitarat ja laulu)

Detonator - No Way Out (2010, Lead guitar)

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